Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 10 tips on How to get a job at Hatfield’s

On the Twitter website, @twohatfields tweeted several tips on how to get a job at Hatfield's. They have been gathered together and are now in one convenient list. These tips can also be applied to other places besides Hatfield's. Enjoy!

Top 10 tips on How to get a job at Hatfield’s

#10- "One Page Resumes"! Am I the only one who paid attention that day in 8th grade? I know you’re proud of your achievements-but edit please!

#9 When the ad says "NO ATTACHMENTS," don't send a blank e-mail with your resume attached.You failed the first test! And yes I deleted!

#8 "Keep it Short" Kitchen resumes should be exclusively about "Applicable Experience." I drove a tow truck in high school -- not on my resume.

#7 Watch out for "over-experience"; it can be worse than too little. If you’re taking a step back to line cook, play down management positions.

#6 No "Reverse Chronological" resumes! Nothing is worse than a resume with most recent experience on the bottom. This is 8th grade stuff!

#5 "Formality"-- I’m still impressed with a well-dressed person handing me their resume. Not so with the frequency I am called "man" by applicants.

#4 "Do Your Homework"-- Know who you are applying to and why you want to work for them. I won’t hire people who just want "a job.“ Be passionate!

#3 Don't be dead set on a position. Cooks often think they want one, and another is beneath them. It comes off like you don't want to learn.

#2 Don't bash your former employers to me in your interview. It only results in you looking bad. Plus, they are probably friends of mine.

#1 Be prepared for the hard questions. I won’t let short stints at other jobs slide by. Understand your resume’s weaknesses and answer strong.