Saturday, August 29, 2009


Back around mid-June 2006, I was driving by Beverly Blvd., and I noticed that the location where Hatfield’s is located looked busy. Oh, they must have opened by now. I need to try that place ... In fact, the restaurant opened about two weeks earlier.

Quinn & Karen Hatfield decided to move from San Francisco, where they were working at Cortez Restaurant, down to Los Angeles, where Karen grew up. The restaurant is pretty small, 40 seats, not 400. That’s by design. Most of the tables are for two covers than for four.

When I had dinner at Hatfield’s for the first time, the servers were fine & knowledgeable when I was asking questions & inviting recommendations. Karen Hatfield, hostess/pastry chef, was quite helpful in the dessert selections, obviously. I sensed an intimacy and a familiarity with a small restaurant, without compromising on professionalism. Even after a couple of months later when I was dining at Hatfield’s with a friend, I felt like I've stumbled upon this wonderfully well-kept secret, which I don't mind. Delicious food, professional & personable staff, a small & very relaxing place where you can have a real conversation. As a result, Hatfield’s became one of my regular go-to restaurants in LA. I made it a point to visit the place and see what changes Quinn made in the menu or what new dessert Karen created. When one of my friends come into Los Angeles, I recommend Hatfield’s as one place to try, especially for Karen’s desserts.

Here are some courses from one of the chef’s tasting menu:

Over the past three years at Hatfield’s, a few things have changed. Repairs & renovations on the building. Constant changes to the menu. Karen’s hair is not blonde lately, and Quinn’s hair is not around lately (last time I checked). But the biggest change of all: Hatfield’s closed its doors at the original Beverly Blvd. location on Sat. 8 Aug. 2009.

This is not the end of Hatfield’s Restaurant permanently, due to the realities of this economy. As Quinn might describe it, this is the end of stage 1 of a long culinary “Tour de France.” Rather, Hatfield’s is moving to its new location on Melrose Ave., former site of Red Pearl Kitchen, Meson G & Citrus. Their new neighbors across the street will be Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza & Mozza 2Go. Several blocks east on Melrose is Providence Restaurant. And a couple blocks away on Highland, north of Melrose, is Susan Feniger’s Street.

They hope to open later in the fall of 2009. I wish them well. Los Angeles bureaucracy can be notorious.


original location (ended 8 Aug. 2009)

7458 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

new location (starting in the fall of 2009)

6703 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90038

(323) 935-2977

@twohatfields (Twitter)