Saturday, March 14, 2009


Half the fun was trying to find this place. Located on Broadway, a few blocks east of Columbus, Coi restaurant is a two-star Michelin 2008 restaurant that was highly recommended to me by one of my chef/friends. Street construction equipment was in front of the restaurant. Valet service was provided by a man dressed like he came from the 'hood. I was fine, the car was fine, and the dinner was very fine.

I waited in the lounge and had one of their liquid creations.

I entered into the small dining room with thirty covers. I decided to have their tasting menu. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the details of my dinner courses. Please enjoy the pictures anyways.

After the savory portion of my tasting menu came the desserts.

The dinner was truly worthy of a two-star Michelin restaurant. Whatever concerns I may have had about finding the restaurant, the street construction hassles and the valet service (which was fine), they all disappeared and had no effect on my dining experience at Coi. Definitely go have dinner at Coi, it's worth it!

373 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 393-9000