Monday, June 2, 2008

Vegas Uncork’d: Sweet Decadence workshop

Sweet Decadence, a Friday morning workshop with Jean-Philippe Maury of Bellagio, drew a very happy audience. Bon Appetit’s editor, Barbara Fairchild, hosted this delectable session. Chef Maury and his assistants demonstrated various pastry techniques to make one plated dessert.

The following components were created for this very delicious dessert:

Yuzu ice cream; Sweet dough; Streusel; Pastry cream; Almond cream; Lemon curd; Cream cheese chiboust; Blueberry sauce; Raspberry consomme.

The result was a warm blueberry cheesecake tart and yuzu raspberry dish on a customized plate.

The blueberry sauce surrounds the cheesecake tart, comprised of sweet cream, almond cream, lemon curd, and frozen chiboust.

The yuzu raspberry dish contains streusel, fresh raspberries and yuzu ice cream. This particular dish has an added feature: a decorative white chocolate dome over the ice cream. When the warm raspberry consomme is poured, the contrasting textures of melted and hard white chocolate, the ice cream, and the streusel are quite noticeable.